NOV 26TH – NOV 29TH 2020
Thursday 26th March
20:00 - 23:00 @ Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven
Due to COVID-19 this event has been cancelled.
For this Playgrounds Session we focus on immersive storytelling with three topnotch speakers on this subject:

Daniël Ernst, winner Gouden Kalf Interactive 2019 with his VR experience Die Fernweh Oper.
“Fernweh” means the longing for the distance; artist Daniël Ernst gives that term a very personal, virtual translation. Distance is central to the VR project Die Fernweh Oper; those between memories of the past and the present, and those between the stars and humans. But especially those between visitors and the virtual world, with a fifteen-meter high opera singer towers above you and who takes you on an endless opera journey. A journey from which you as a visitor only travel a short distance. The Fernweh Oper had its world premiere at the famous SXSW festival in May 2019, and was also shown in Cannes that same month.

Nienke Huitenga is an award-winning independent immersive designer and strategist. In her work she blends media strategy, digital concepts and immersive experiences. She designed media strategies for transmedial stories like Human Birdwings and The Modular Body (directed by Floris Kaayk), which reached an audience of millions. In 2016 The Modular Body was awarded the first ever Gouden Kalf for best interactive work. She is also the director of ROZSYPNE, an interactive roomscale VR-story about an old lady trying to persevere daily life in the Eastern-Ukrainian warzone, with the MH17-crash at her doorstep.

Also present is the Eindhoven based Enversed, Europe’s largest VR experience center.

~ In collaboration with NatLab and EFF/Broet ~

Practical info:
Doors open: 19.00
Start program: 20.00
Drinks: 22.00
Tickets: €12,50 (€7,50 educational ticket)