28.NOV – 02.DEC 2019


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On Saturday December 1st, 2018 the EFF jury handed out the awards. Down below you'll find all the nominees. This year for the first time we also have the Videoland Short Film Award. And of course the audience can vote for the Public Choice Award.

Nominees EFF 2018

Best Direction
Sven Bresser – The Summer and All The Rest
Séverine De Streyker & Maxime Feyers – Calamity
Marc Wagenaar – Dante vs Mohammed Ali

Best Scenario
Phil Dunn – Box Office Smash
Sébastien Petretti & Frederik Mjell – Make Aliens Dance
Cecilie Levy – It’s About Time

Best Cinematography
Heiko Sikka – Lembri Uudu
Nicolas Chin – Terrafrom
Sam du Pon – The Summer and All The Rest

Best Music
Manuel Roland – Calamity
César Lüttger – Sisters
Novo Amor & Ed Tullett – Terraform

Best Sound Design
Selle Sellink – Dante vs Mohammed Ali
Andrew Potterton – Stuff as Dreams
Justin Vaudaux – Slurp

Best Editing
Guli Silberstein – Stuff as Dreams
Bill Brown – XCTRY
Tobias Cornelissen – Sisters

Best Art Direction
Phil Dunn – Box Office Smash
Luc Noël and Charlie Cantraine – Make Aliens Dance
Jasper Kuipers – Finity Calling

Best Debut
Marieke Widlak – Now Or Never Again
Hannah van Tassel – Just a Little Bit More
Mateo Vega – Radio Voorwaarts

Best Brabant Talent
Toon Donders – Witness
Pelle Smit – Disruption
Joeri Ritzen – The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Best Actor
Bas Keizer – Dante vs Mohammed Ali
Lionel Blanc – Tsar Bomba
Calvin Dean – Make Aliens Dance

Best Actrice
Leny Breederveld – It’s About Time
Pernille Vallentin – Aqua Mamas
Tine Cartuyvels – Happy New Year

Best Animation
What is Beauty?
A Love Letter To The One I Made Up
God I Need A Girlfriend

Best Experimental
Stuff As Dreams

Best Documentary
You Are Moroccan Right?

Best Film
Make Aliens Dance

Grand Jury Award
Publics Choice Award
Videoland Short Film Award

Our EFF 2018 Jury

  • André van Duren

    André van Duren

    André van Duren is a director of movies, commercials and tv-series. Born in Brabant and studied Theater Sciences in Utrecht. He was director-assistant for 5 years and made his debut with the award winning tv-movie 'Het verhaal van Kees'. He won 'de Gouden Kalf' film award for the tv-serie 'Pleidooi' and the feature film 'Mariken'. He directed episodes of the tv-series 'Moordvrouw', 'Soof', 'Nieuwe Buren' en 'Vlucht HS-13'. His last two feature films 'De Bende van Oss' and 'Helleveeg' gained 15 nominees for 'de Gouden Kalf' and won three of them. 'De Helleveeg' was mainly filmed at Eindhoven and was rewarded in Montreal where the film had its world premiere.
  • Ulrike Helmer

    Ulrike Helmer

    Ulrike Helmer is a big fan of movies. She has a background in Cultural Anthropology and she studied audio-visual at the School of Arts in Utrecht. Ever since she combines these two studies in her films. Being skilled in storytelling she makes documentaries and is also a scriptwriter and adviser. One of her latest work is Prison Pioneers for Dutch Television KRO-NCRV. From 2012 on she's already a member of the EFF jury and also in this year's head of the jury.
  • Fabian Jansen

    Fabian Jansen

    Fabian Jansen is an actor, director, entrepreneur and tutor. He studied at the Dutch Institute of Performative Art of Maastricht. He directed and played with several Theatre Companies all over the world. He played (leading) parts in many films, with directors as Peter Greenaway, Saskia Diesing, Mijke de Jong and Mark de Cloe. In 2018 he started his own social enterprise; Fabuch Social Cinema. A production house that stimulates cultural and social participation. Fabian directed and produced the film ‘Lady’ and the price winning short film ‘ELLA’. The theaterplay ‘Maalkop’, in which Fabian acted, will be put to film by him in 2019.