NOV 26TH – NOV 29TH 2020

As a part of EFF 2019, we started a new project called EFF in the City. All around Eindhoven you could find art installations around the topic of film. The Warehouse of Innovation, Van Piere Bookstore, Bibliotheek Eindhoven & The Student Hotel were activated with drawings, animations, stop motions and film. Visitors could explore the work of four filmmakers:

Soline Bredin

A French designer who explores the limits of human relations with technologies and media. At the frontiers of the digital and the physical, her work crosses multiple mediums such as video/photography/illustration and installation. Soline’s work was exhibited at the Warehouse of Innovation


Wilf Watson & Madelon te Lintum

Wilf Watson is an Australian emerging filmmaker and digital media artist now based in the Netherlands. Madelon te Lintum is a Dutch Business Communication and Digital Media student at Tilburg University. Together they work on films that vary in themes, some of which have featured at international film festivals. Beyond films, they freelance in advertising, web and virtual reality through their start-up MawiCreative. Visitors could see Wilf & Madelon’s work at the Van Piere Bookstore.


Niels Hoebers

To be creative and innovative the use of imagination is an essential part to realise dreams to get great ideas. As a re-animator of non-animatable objects, Niels (based in Eindhoven) digs deep into the soul of an object to find it’s true character. He tells stories, visualises concepts and romanticizes processes bringing non-animatable objects alive through stop motion animation. Niels Hoeber’s work was shown at Bibliotheek Eindhoven.


Jelle van Meerendonk

Freelance animation director and illustrator base in the Netherlands. His growing interest in live drawing, human behaviour and surroundings allows him to create untold stories on media like film and paintings. Jelle van Meerendonk’s was exhibited at The Student Hotel.