Just when our visitors thought they’d seen it all, they noticed there was much more! Throughout the whole building of Natlab film-related surprises could be explored:

Video sketches by Johannes Langkamp powered by Video Power

Johannes Langkamp carried out a playful research into video as a medium. Inspired by every day, he made short fragments of video using simple means, giving them a raw and sketchy style. By exploring perspective and perception, Langkamp discovered outcomes that surprised himself as much as the viewers


This is and that is and a bit of this and a lot of that by Luca Tichelman

‘This is’ played with the versatile aspects of beliefs concerning identity – a research into the intriguing differences, the moldability of being and its essence. The complex game that plays with the urge for acceptance, recognition and the need for authenticity was central to this work. The result brought a fragile, intimate and rhythmic video portrait of many faces alike.


Vocorama by Leif Czakai in collaboration with 3D Druckzentrum Ruhr

Conversation is one of the most essential moments of creation. Vocorama compared conversation to the basics of physical creation and linked the two together. Participants joined research experiments where recordings of verbal conversations were streamed into a virtual multiplayer modelling room. The participants could switch between the role of getting into conversation and virtually materializing the conversations dynamics, structure and atmosphere according to changing rules.


Objects by Diewke van den Heuvel

Visitors could listen to stories of people from Eindhoven while letting their eyes wander off to the objects on the statues. Could they let their pre assumptions go and really listen? Diewke van den Heuvel (1979) studied photography in Utrecht. Currently, she works as a documentary maker with a great interest in stories about people that are often not shown or talked about on regular media. Diekwe thinks outside of regular systems and tries to loosen them up.


Wavy Tales by Sunjoo Lee

How do we cope with the mystery of complex technology? Sunjoo Lee interviewed people of different ages and backgrounds about their microwaves at home. The questions were along the lines of "What are the waves and what is the system that makes the waves?", "How do the waves behave and where do they go?" and "Why are you afraid of using the microwave?". These odd questions and answers gave a peek into how we develop myths around technology. In the installation, her film Wavy Tales was shown. Visitors could react to it by drawing and writing their own versions of stories about microwaves.


EP by Omninaut

This trilogy video was the result of a humongous collaboration reflecting on AI-generated texts, futuristic fashion and social anxieties. If our visitors were overwhelmed by today's tumult, they could use a little bit of self-help and dive into these three music videos:
So You Don’t Have The Time?- OMNINAUT x Floor Hofman x sonicRIDER
I Think I Gave You (A Heads) Up - OMNINAUT x PostNeon x Pim Boreel
This Doesn’t Really Matter - OMNINAUT x Juriën Cornelissen x Nicky Liebregts


Homosensorium Space in collaboration with Video Power & Baltan Laboratories

This space lured our visitors into a tactical experience. They could take off their shoes and barefoot explore a soft, quiet and multi-textural environment. Designed by Raphael Coutin, this space became a way to escape the mundane, predictable, and harsh everyday reality. In this ultra-sensorial room, Video Power presented some of their daring work - two short films that explore the state between sleeping and vigil are screened.