NOV 26TH – NOV 29TH 2020

Saturday 30th November | Zaal 3 | 13:00 - 14:30

Daily traffic can be chaotic, especially during rush hour. When an accident occurs we bump into each other's lives and realities. Do we dare to share and listen when we meet or do we create a mess that’s even bigger?

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Daniel Bolda | Fiction, Fantasy, Death | 16:46 | Greece

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH

Willing to pay the price for a new life, a man stops his car in the middle of nowhere and forces his father out, leaving him all alone in the woods; Haunted by his regrets, he then tries to cancel the agreement and bring his father back. What a surprise: there is no such thing.


Michelle Brand | Animation, Experimental | 03:47 | United Kingdom

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH

People come, people go. Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see. But we all are connected in a way we may not realise. By sharing time, space and movement, we overlap and create a bigger picture.

The Traffic Separating Device

Johan Palmgren | Documentary, Comedy | 13:55 | Sweden

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH

A traffic separating device is installed in the middle of Stockholm. It is supposed to keep normal cars away and only let buses pass. It turns into a disaster as normal cars continue to go there and hundreds of cars get destroyed every week. Tragic and funny situations occur and we follow the whole mess of human failures.

Drifting Off

Mitchell van Vuren | Fiction, Experimental | 06:06 | The Netherlands

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH

Nika thinks she knows everything about this world and how to live in it. But what if she needs to learn how to live in another reality? On a nightly ride, Nika's perseverance is tested as she loses herself in a surrealistic world.

Raining Dogs

Anthony Yazbeck | Fiction, Drama, Family | 19:42 | Lebanon

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH

Protecting their only child, Marc, from a harsh reality takes a Lebanese couple to extreme measures. They need to be brave or even fearless. Marc starts to realize that his parents' behaviour is becoming more and more bizarre so he is left to investigate for himself.

School's Out

Jamille van Wijngaarden | Fiction, Comedy | 11:21 | The Netherlands

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH - Film Screening 2 DUTCH DELIGHT

Mother Marit thinks that there is not enough room for the male energy of her son in primary school. When she wants to discuss the behaviour of her son during a parent-teacher conference, teacher Yvonne can’t repress her pent-up feelings anymore. Who will be right? Just watch a murderous comedy with finger paint.