NOV 26TH – NOV 29TH 2020

Saturday 30th November | Zaal 4 | 18:45 - 20:15

If you like to travel and you like art this could be interesting for you! Go on an art trip where people get lost and found, and dare to create their own story about life.

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Space Tape

Yuma Slowbinder | Experimental, Art, Absurd | 06:15 | United States

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Becoming art, worshipping videotape and winning arguments with hearse drivers are stories that can be your first step to understanding human intentions in this crazy world. Helping others? Being addicted to something? Or pretending to be dead? These aspects of people’s lives will reveal your own fears and weaknesses.

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

Martijn Blekendaal | Documentary, Art, Travel | 028:23 | The Netherlands

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More than 40 years ago, artist Bas Jan Ader decided to go on an adventure. He was an experienced man, who knew what to do in any situation. In a tiny sailing boat, the Dutchman set sail across the ocean. Nine months later the boat was found adrift at sea. There was no sign of Ader. Who can help him out? Does he need help?

Falling Frames

Johannes Langkamp | Documentary, Art, Travel | 028:23 | The Netherlands

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How do we experience space? Do we feel that space has some dimensions that are not visible to our eyes? Here we can explore the framing and visualization of a three-dimensional perspective through the two-dimensional medium video, both technically as well as conceptually.


David Aufdembrinke | Documentary, Experimental, Travel | 22:22 | Germany

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The search for the right words is always tough for the young man. He tries to find the meaning of his images, explaining their role in his life. Ridden by thoughts of death and failing his life, a young man tries out what happens if he assumes that everything was possible... and goes far beyond anything he ever imagined.


Daniel Jacoby | Documentary, Experimental | 21:55 | The Netherlands

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Somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido, there is a man with an inexplicable bond to a potato. Unwilling to be found yet at the same time yearning to reach out, the enigmatic story of his proximity to a root plant is told through the few unaddressed letters he decides to send. Images of unrelated landscapes, situations and objects in the way acquire an otherworldly aura when presented in the context of the potato-man.