NOV 26TH – NOV 29TH 2020

Saturday 30th November | Zaal 3 | 18:45 - 20:15

We Can Do It! was a slogan that was used during WWII regarding equality and freedom for women, it’s a pity we still need to use it. We’d like to focus on some touching, funny and sexy stories, told by and about women.

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Sasha Rainbow | Documentary, Human Interest, Girl Power | 24:06 | United Kingdom

Film Screening 21ST CENTURY GIRL

Kamali is the only girl skateboarder in a fishing village. Her life doesn't seem to be full of possibilities as she lives in a world where men are ruling. One day, her timorous mother, Suganthi, takes a pilgrimage in a quest for self-discovery. Separated for the first time, they must find freedom in a man’s world.

Yulia & Juliet

Zara Dwinger | Fiction, Drama, LGBTQ+ | 11:39 | The Netherlands

Film Screening 21ST CENTURY GIRL

In hopeless social unity, two girls find salvation in the love for each other. "You are the sun," says one. "Don't be so poetic," the other one says, secretly kissing. There is no room for their relationship here. Can they love outside the walls of the institution or is it better if they reunite within the familiar environment? The teenage girls are willing to risk their future for each other.

Premier Act

Agathe Riedinger | Fiction, Dance, Fashion | 02:09 | France

Film Screening 21ST CENTURY GIRL

Blonde Ruth and brown-haired Ruth play with their own roles to explore a new world. It is a surrealist journey. This is like the beginning of a book. Ruth didn’t go back to what was familiar. She stepped out in faith and walked into the unknown. Her courage brought her to her divine destiny. Don’t look back.

Under Mom's Skirt

Sarah Heitz de Chambaneix | Fiction, Comedy, Family | 12:10 | France

Film Screening 21ST CENTURY GIRL

In a small Florida town, a young French woman goes with her mother to a routine medical check-up to act as her interpreter. However, she is taken by surprise when she learns that it is actually a gynaecological examination she is attending. But, the biggest revelations are yet to come…

Bloody Hormones

Brigitte Borm & Dorien Pfauth | Documentary, Feminism, Sexuality | 36:29 | The Netherlands

Film Screening 21ST CENTURY GIRL

Together with their mothers, the filmmakers take a look back on their teenage years, when the first boyfriend was the reason to start taking the pill. Fifteen years later, doubt kicks in; what do these hormones actually do to you? Through the lens, the makers explore the natural cycle of their own bodies and the experiences of other women. In the 1960s the pill brought women sexual liberation, what does this pill mean for the girls and women of today?