NOV 28TH – DEC 1ST 2019

Sunday 1st December | Zaal 4 | 15:00 - 16:30

We selected some of the funniest short Dutch comedies for you. Sit back and enjoy these delightful stories by talented Dutch filmmakers.

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Short Calf Muscle

Victoria Warmerdam | Fiction, Comedy | 12:53 | The Netherlands

Film Screening MIND GAMES - Film Screening 2 DUTCH DELIGHT

Anders is different. But he doesn’t know that. Anders – a rather tall 30-year-old – who finds out that the rest of the world is under the impression that he is a gnome. What starts with a seemingly insignificant visit to the physio, gets completely out of control within twenty-four hours.

School's Out

Jamille van Wijngaarden | Fiction, Comedy | 11:21 | The Netherlands

Film Screening THE IDEAL CRASH - Film Screening 2 DUTCH DELIGHT

Mother Marit thinks that there is not enough room for the male energy of her son in primary school. When she wants to discuss the behaviour of her son during a parent-teacher conference, teacher Yvonne can’t repress her pent-up feelings anymore. Who will be right? Just watch a murderous comedy with finger paint.


Jorgen Scholtsens | Comedy, Drama, Absurd | 07:23 | The Netherlands

Film Screening MY FAVOURITE THINGS - Film Screening 2 DUTCH DELIGHT

A lonely man lives inside a cuckoo clock. Every hour he straps himself into his ejection seat and shoots through the doors of the clock. "Cuckoo!" He yells, "Cuckoo!". His work is of vital importance. One day the man has the opportunity to win a substantial sum of money on a radio quiz. The only problem is that he can only dial in at the exact time he’s supposed to sit in his seat.


Jorgen Scholtens | Fiction, Comedy | 08:01 | The Netherlands

Film Screening 1 FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT - Film Screening 2 DUTCH DELIGHT

An amateur theatre company receives a masterclass from a background vocalist from the hit musical Grease. This event should change the life of the theatre. Are actors really hopeless? Or is the “famous actor” not who he claims to be?

Downward Facing Dogs

Karsten de Vreugd | Fiction, Comedy | 11:23 | The Netherlands

Film Screening DUTCH DELIGHT

When Mara hastily enters her yoga class she desperately tries to find her zen, only to figure out her zen is at the end of letting out all her frustrations. She tries to find a way to feel calm. But does she know how to keep this zen in her life later?